Where do donations from the renal foundation go?

To help fund its research and programs, the National Kidney Foundation manages thrift stores or partners with other private thrift stores across the country. You can donate clothing or donate household items to National Kidney Foundation thrift stores when you use DonationTown, org as your donation resource. The Kidney Foundation conducts many different types of charitable fundraising activities to provide services to families and patients in need. Our clothing donation and truck collection program is just one way you can help support this charitable organization.

By donating your used clothing and household items, you can provide the support needed for our mission and help Floridians. Your items remain in the community (not exported) and unusable items are recycled whenever possible. By donating your unwanted household items and clothing, you can help fund life-saving services for kidney patients and at-risk individuals in your community. AKS wants to work with you to turn used clothing and household items that have been in your garage or basement into direct cash aid for the 100,000 kidney disease patients who remain on the waiting list for kidney transplants.

Whether you're moving in, spring cleaning, or cleaning your closet, you're sure to find a variety of donations throughout your home that you can donate to NKS. National Kidney Services (NKS) offers a convenient and free donation collection service so that everyone has the opportunity to donate to charities, regardless of whether you have a hectic schedule, are unable to drive, or are confined to your home. American Kidney Services (AKS) is a local non-profit charity in Atlanta that strives to help kidney patients in financial need. Find out where to donate or how to schedule a free charity pickup in or around Atlanta, Dunwoody, Izmir, and eliminate clutter while creating direct financial aid for many of the 31 million Americans suffering from kidney disease.

It's easy and stress-free to apply for a tax deduction* when you donate to National Kidney Services (NKS). Thank you for your interest in donating clothing and small household items to the National Kidney Foundation of Florida. AKS, together with American Kidney Fund, will take your donations of used clothing and used household items and convert them into direct monetary support for patients struggling to pay bills and rent because the cost of their healthcare and dialysis is absorbing all their funds. However, the American Kidney Fund has a vehicle donation program that accepts cars, trucks, vans, boats, campers, and recreational vehicles.

AKF works on behalf of the 37 million Americans living with kidney disease, and the millions most at risk, to support people wherever they are in their fight against kidney disease, from prevention to life after transplant.

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